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Windows 10 will improve Bluetooth music playback with A2DP

One of the latest news that has been released about Windows 10 is the support for Bluetooth 5.1. This new version of the protocol promises users much faster connectivity and, furthermore, a significantly lower power consumption than previous versions of the protocol. All this thanks to a function called the GATT cache.

The arrival of support for Bluetooth 5.1 represents a significant improvement in the performance of the devices that we connect to the operating system. Especially for those users who usually use Bluetooth headphones to play games, listen to music and watch series and movies on the computer. Thanks to this version of Bluetooth, and features like A2DP (which, after disappearing from Windows 10, looks like it’s going to come back), no more cuts and audio skips, in addition to making the battery of our devices last much longer.

Audio quality will also improve thanks to A2DP. This standard offers a bandwidth of up to 728kbit / s, although most algorithms (especially the SBC, the most widely used) reach only 256kbit / s.

These improvements are already available in the operating system since build 19541, although they have not been documented by Microsoft. We do not know if they will go ahead and arrive with the 2004 version of the operating system, or if they will be postponed until 20H2, the second update of the year.

Support for Bluetooth 5.2 is coming for Windows 10 20H2

At the moment the arrival of Bluetooth 5.1 to Windows 10 is guaranteed. However, Microsoft also plans to bring the operating system support for Bluetooth 5.2.

It is true that the difference between version 5.1 and 5.2 is not very big. Especially if we compare it with the difference between version 4.x and 5. But the great novelty of Bluetooth 5.2 is the arrival of the standard EATT.

EATT offers users an enhanced version of ATT aimed at improving the GATT cache. This protocol makes more aggressive use of the cache to allow connections to be even faster and devices to consume less power.

It should also be noted that there have been references to concepts such as “BluetoothEattPdus” Y «BluetoothGattRobustCaching» in the Windows 10 code. This means that Microsoft is going to bet very hard to improve the connectivity and the audio quality of Bluetooth headphones and earphones, being one of the major shortcomings of the operating system. Especially since the elimination of the A2DP standard.

We recall that Windows 10 20H1 will reach users in April or May of this year. Likewise, the second update of Window 20 (20H2), currently on the Fast Ring, will do so after the summer, around October or November. And it could also be a Service Pack again, just like November 2019 Update.