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Windows 10 May 2020 Update: new bugs and problems

Although they are “minor” bugs, and the number of users affected by them is very small, these bugs are already echoing all over the Internet. If we are not affected by them, we do not have to worry, we simply have to continue using the PC as we always do, that we will not find them.

In case we are affected by any of these known problems we have two options. The first one is to try assume the error and continue working normally. They will be fixed soon and Windows will be back to work without errors. And if we cannot continue using the computer normally due to the error, then what we must do is uninstall the May 2020 Update, go back to the previous version and wait for Microsoft to release the corresponding patch to repair these errors.

Let’s see what are the problems that, today, are affecting Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

Problems Google Chrome logins and more

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world. Therefore, the moment something starts to not work as it should, the network of comments about browser problems immediately fills up.

Apparently, Windows 10 May 2020 Update brings errors related to Google’s browser. Specifically with the login within the browser. Some users find that when they restart the browser, the Chrome session is closed and all personal information (passwords, history, etc.) that were synchronized with the PC is deleted.

Other programs, such as the Windows Mail app, OneDrive, and experience the same failure.

“Starting from scratch” doesn’t work

One of the functions that has stopped working after upgrading computers to the new version of Windows is «start from scratch«. This feature is found within Windows Defender and is a compromise between “Reset the PC” and leaving it as is

Starting from scratch is intended to become an option for cleaning computers that come with a large amount of bloatware and crapware installed by default. This feature allows you to download the latest version of Windows from Microsoft’s servers and reinstall the version of Windows, keeping the user’s data and programs, but eliminating pre-installed applications and bloatware. The “reset PC” feature does not remove bloatware.

As we can see, this option only has a button called «Additional information». If we click on it, the Microsoft documentation page will open, but nothing else. This feature does not work in May 2020 Update.

Storage issues

This new version of Windows 10 has also introduced other problems elsewhere in the operating system. For example, the function of defragmenting drives does not work correctly. The hard drives appear as not defragmented, and the SSD as not optimized. This has already been fixed in the Insider branch of Windows, although the patch was not introduced within the final 2004 version.

The storage spaces These are other features that do not work in the new Windows 10. This Windows feature allows you to configure one or more hard drives as storage pools so that a copy of all system data is automatically stored on them. In the event that the main drive fails, data can be recovered from this copy.

Windows 10 storage spaces

When trying to create a new storage, Windows displays an error message 0x00000057 that prevents the process from completing. These errors seem to affect only the May 2020 Update, not previous versions.

Problems downloading drivers from Windows Update

Another feature that is not working properly is the new Windows driver download system. Microsoft has introduced improvements in Windows Update so that the drivers become optional updates instead of mandatory updates, closing the cycle of one of the most frequent complaints that have revolved around this system.

However, users who have already made the leap to Windows 10 May 2020 Update have realized that this new update model is not working as it should. Some users are showing how Windows 10 download and install old versions of drivers from Windows Update despite having newer versions already installed on the computer.

Microsoft recommends running the troubleshooter, or clearing the Windows Update cache, to solve this problem.

Problems with printers

We already talked about this issue last week, when the new security patches for May 2020 Update arrived. Some users have found that after installing the new patches, their printers have stopped working. It can happen, or that directly cannot be printed, or that if the printer is disconnected with the PC turned off, the USB port becomes unusable.

Microsoft is already aware of these problems with Windows and is working with manufacturers to launch a fix as soon as possible. But, at the moment, there is no solution available.

New quality patches in sight

While it is true that the May 2020 Update release has not been as chaotic as other updates in the past, it is certainly far from being a good update. Despite having been in the testing phase for months.

Microsoft is already aware of all these errors of its May 2020, and is working on a solution This will surely arrive next week, when Microsoft usually launches the quality updates (non-security related) for Windows. We can closely follow the evolution of these failures from the Health Dashboard from Microsoft.

Little by little, more and more users are updating to May 2020 Update. The new version of the operating system that continues to lead the way to the future.