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Slideshow – How to set them up in PowerPoint

By making our presentations with PowerPoint we can add all kinds of content so that they are enriched and have a visual appeal according to what we want to convey. For this we can use all kinds of elements such as videos, photos, tables, etc. In this way we will be able to attract the attention of those to whom our presentation is directed, which should be our main mission.

PowerPoint, the perfect tool for your slides

PowerPoint is a software that belongs to the Microsoft Office office suite, through which we can make presentations in slide format. This tool allows the use of text, images, music, video and animations that we can use to make presentations. It is therefore a tool for creating presentations to communicate information effectively and attractively to its recipients.

This tool is responsible for generating a window where we can work with all the elements we want, thereby achieving the creation of slides that are shown consecutively, occupying the entire visual field, without the existence of frames. For this, this is based on transitions, managing to create full-screen presentations that we can advance as our exposure requires. These are ordered sequentially, in the same way as the different objects that we need to show. Normally, the presentations are used to show in it an outline of what we want to convey, as well as graphics with which to represent the exposed data.

Main features of PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a tremendously complete program for creating presentations, on which we can highlight the following characteristics that will help us when making our creations:

  • Allows the creation or use of templates added by the user.
  • Different types of text, sizes, typography and color are possible.
  • We can add images to the presentation, as well as text and other elements on the image.
  • Allows you to create graphics.
  • It supports the insertion of videos and audios.
  • Offers hyperlink support
  • It supports different formats (PPTX, PPW, XPS, PDF, PORX, THMX, PPSX, XML), being it possible to open and save presentations made with other programs.
  • It allows to generate animations with text and image effects.
  • Compatible with multimedia formats such as MP4, WMV, GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, ODP and HTML.

Set up the slide show in PowerPoint

The first thing we must do to configure the slide show with PowerPoint is run the application and open our project. To do this, we will go to the “File” and “Open” tab to select our presentation and add it to the main menu. Next, we must select the Slide Show tab, to later click on the command “Slide Show Settings”.

Once we have selected it, the window of «Configure presentation». In it we will find the options available for playing the slides during a presentation and that we can freely configure according to our needs.

Presentation type

We start in the upper left with the Type of presentation. Here we can choose the type of projection that most interests us for our projection. We have three different types:

  • Presented by a speaker (full screen): in this type of projection it is done in full screen and the presenter has full control of the development of the slide show. In this way, we can run it manually or automatically, interrupt it to add comments or record a narration as the presentation progresses.
  • Browse individually (window): in this case the presentation is made within a window that may or may not be accompanied by a scroll bar. The projection can be viewed from a CD, the hard drive of a computer or even from the Internet.
  • Examined in exhibition (full screen): in this type of presentation, the slides will be looped so that the development of the same cannot be modified. It is the most used option in stands in shopping centers.

PowerPoint Presentation Type

Show slides

From this section we can establish all the slides we want to show during the presentation. By default, the “All” option is checked. If we do not need to show all the slides, we can choose to show only certain slides or choose a “Custom Presentation” that we have been able to create from the original composition.

PowerPoint Show slides

Presentation options

In this section we can choose the options that we want to activate or deactivate in our presentation depending on its purpose. Can «Repeat the cycle until you press Esc», so that it is displayed in a continuous loop. We can also activate the option of “Show without narration” o “No animation”, so that narration or animation is not displayed in it, or “Disable graphical hardware acceleration”. In addition, we can change the color of both the pen and the laser pointer.

PowerPoint Presentation Options

Slide preview

From this section we can choose how we want the slides to advance during the presentation. For this we can activate that this is done manually or use the saved slides intervals, for which they have been previously established, so the presentation will be played automatically as we have it configured.

PowerPoint Slide Preview

Multiple monitors

Finally, we find the section “Various monitors”. From here we can select the «Slide show monitor», which can be chosen automatically, choose the main monitor if we are going to see it from the same place where we are playing it. In this case we can also select the resolution at which we want the presentation to be reproduced. In the event that we have a projector connected, we must keep the checkbox activated “Use moderator view”.

PowerPoint set multiple monitors

Once we have finished configuring all the desired parameters for the presentation of the slides, click on “OK” to save the changes made.