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kDrive, private and secure cloud for personal or professional use

kDrive is an all-in-one storage solution that seeks to offer us a alternative to the most popular American clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. This European cloud is mainly committed to three great characteristics.

Privacy – Most Important to kDrive

We know very well that American storage platforms are not exactly private. kDrive is a European solution fully developed and hosted by Infomaniak in Switzerland. Thanks to this independence, it is possible to guarantee respect for privacy, provide an improvement in security and protect the data that we keep in this cloud from legal requests, the NSA or any other foreign legislation. By saving data with kDrive, we can be sure that it is not duplicated around the world under jurisdictions less restrictive than Europe in terms of privacy. Furthermore, the data is never analyzed for advertising purposes.

kDrive is not an American company, nor is it from any country that belongs to the dreaded «14 eyes«, But it is about an independent company created and hosted exclusively in Switzerland. This country stands out for many things, but the confidentiality and anonymity of its citizens, and of the companies that work there, is one of them. Infomaniak, owner of kDrive, is a company with no shareholders, only owned by its founders and employees. Thanks to this, there are no external pressures to reveal customer data or the use made of the platform. All data is encrypted on their servers, so there is no way for anyone to access it from the outside, and furthermore the data is neither analyzed nor sold to third parties.

As if that were not enough, this company will soon implement a new “safe” system that will have an additional encryption for our data, an encryption that only we know.

Whether for personal use or for professional use, this cloud provides us with absolute security.

Say goodbye to space problems

If we have ever used other clouds, we will know very well that we always have space limits. We can get a few gigs of payment, and then pay month by month for additional space. However, all platforms have limits, limits that, if we make a lot of use of them, we can reach.

kDrive is different in this regard. Thanks to this platform we will be able to save, literally, what we want. And we will hardly run out of space. The most advanced modality of this platform offers us a total of up to 106 TB of space, enough for all kinds of jobs. The smallest plan starts at 2TB for just $ 5 a month, making it a great alternative to Google Photos after Google closes its free plan.


Docs, Grids, Points, deposit box … much more than storage

kDrive not only allows us to save data in the cloud, but also has different tools and services that allow us to make use of it. For example, it has its own office suite in the cloud that will allow us to access a word processor (Docs), to a spreadsheet (Grids) and a slide show software (Points) so that we can centralize all the viewing and editing of documents in one place.

And not only does it allow us to make use of office automation, but it will also allow us to have other tools, such as kMeet (to make video conferences), Mail (a personalized email), Contacts, Calendar and more.

KDrive Video Call

Even this suite will allow us to give a personalized touch to our suite in the cloud thanks to My kSuite. If we are going to use it in corporate environments, we can customize the URL of the domain to access the tools provided by the suite to customize the interface and adapt it to the image of our company.

Last but not least, kDrive allows us to receive files directly to our cloud through its own mailboxes. We can send any user a link through which they can leave us their files without having to send them through other platforms. We will receive an email every time someone leaves us files, and it is possible to protect access with a password. Very useful in the company.

Get started with kDrive right now

One of the problems that we can find when making the jump to another cloud is migrate our data, and the way of working, from one platform to another. kDrive has made this task as simple as possible. This cloud allows us to import all our data from the most used clouds (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, OwnCloud, NextCloud, Hubic, etc.) simply by clicking on the «Import external data» function. The program will take care of everything, and in a few minutes (or a few hours, depending on the number of files) we can have everything migrated.

KDrive prices

The prices offered by this cloud are the most competitive. If we live in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg or Monaco, we will be able to acquire a free account with 3 GB of storage space. If not, we will have to pay for the payment methods.

The cheapest, the modality “Only”, offers us 2 TB of storage space for a single person for 4.99 euros per month. In this mode, we do not have access to the private archive mailbox, but it allows us to save if we suddenly acquire subscriptions for two or three years.

The «Team» mode It gives us access to 3 TB of space, which we can share with 6 people, for 10 euros per month. This modality can be expanded up to 18 TB of space, from 5 TB to 5 TB, for 36 euros per month. It also has a file version history and a trash can that allows us to recover deleted files up to 60 days later. This is the perfect modality for families or small businesses.

And finally, the «Pro» mode It allows us, for 19.90 euros per month, to have 6 TB of storage in the cloud, with the possibility of expanding that space up to 106 TB. It is the most complete and has all the functions and tools enabled to make use of them. The life of the trash in this edition is extended to 120 days.

Do you want to know for yourself what kDrive offers you and why not go back to Google Drive or Dropbox after trying it? Enter the following link and check it out. Each plan has a 30-day free trial, with no obligations.