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BatteryDeley, program to see the remaining battery in Windows

Therefore, if we need to receive battery alerts that indicate its status periodically, as well as obtain alerts when we connect or disconnect the power cable, we must choose to use a third-party application. In this case, we can use a simple tool called Batterydeley.

How to download and run BatteryDeley

If we want to start using this application we must download it for free. The downloaded file is compressed in .zip so we will have to unzip it. Once unzipped, a folder will appear with an executable file called BatteryDeley.exe which we must actuate. The application is completely free of viruses or third-party advertising software, so its use is completely safe.

Once the application is executed, open in the background on the Windows Taskbar, without having to go through any installation process to launch the program. From here, it will remain hidden, until the time comes it will inform us by default when the battery charge reaches certain milestones, mainly every time record 10% drops of total power. In this way it will inform us when the battery level drops to 90%, 80%, 70%, 60% etc. These notifications will appear in the lower right part of the screen through different pictures with the battery available message. We will also receive notifications every time let’s disconnect or connect the power cord to our laptop.

BatteryDeley unplugged laptop notification

It should be made clear that, BatteryDeley, does not have its own algorithm to verify the battery charge level. All the information is extracted from the monitoring tool that Windows 10 has incorporated. Its mission is exclusively to help us keep the battery level under control, through notifications and alerts on a regular basis, something that Windows software itself not done by default.

BatteryDeley battery remaining notification

Configure notifications

it’s possible change notifications, so that we can customize how often we want you to notify us. For example, it is possible to configure that we get a warning every time 5% is consumed, or every 15% or 20%, instead of the notifications every 10% that is established by default. To do this, we must click on its icon on the Taskbar with the right mouse button. Here, we will see that there are hardly any options available for its use except the function of Settings (Settings).

BatteryDeley settings

The problem is that, at the moment, the application is not configured yet in GUI formatIt is found in scripts. That is why, when pressing, the Windows Notepad will open with a script AutoHotKey that we can edit if we have the prior knowledge to do so. From here we can define new values ​​for the duration of the pop-up window and when it should appear. In addition, we can enable the visualization of images for each alert, as well as customize the sound.

BatteryDeley Notepad for personalization

In this way, it is possible to change the audio alerts or image alerts or create new ones, moving them to the folder where the application’s EXE or AHK file is located and updating the path with their corresponding names in the Notepad file . To perform these tasks it is convenient be familiar with AHK scripts and thus be able to have it configured to our liking.

Alternatives to know the status of the battery

If you are looking for an application to know the status of the battery, you can choose one of these options:


It is a small tool for laptops that shows us the current status and information about the battery. It also has a log window where it is possible to add a new log line that contains the battery status every 30 seconds or any other time interval that we choose. We can download BatteryInfoView free from their website.

Notebook BatteryInfo

With this application we can replace the battery indicator that we find by default on our laptop with an information bar that will show us more complete information and that we can customize to our liking. Thanks to this tool we can see the remaining time on the battery, as well as other details of consumption of our PC. Notebook BatteryInfo is a program that we can download for free.