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Avast AntiTrack, software that helps improve privacy on the Internet

Avast AntiTrack is software developed to hide our identity when we surf the Internet by hiding our identity online for greater privacy. For this, the program is responsible for introducing false information in the data that make up our fingerprint, modifying the information trackers and third parties that can see it. It also clears all tracking cookies, as well as other tracking data used by our browser.

The fingerprint is formed by our habits when browsing together with the options of our device and browsed. Through this fingerprint, advertisers can identify us and send us unwanted personalized advertising. To avoid this, Avast AntiTrack will warn us every time they try to track our data and avoid it. In this way, we can get third parties to see, follow and collect information about our Windows 10 PC.

Unlike other options such as ad blockers, the incognito mode of our browser or VPNs, this Avast program does manage to put end online tracking, hiding our browsing history and protecting our favorite browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer or Opera.

This is how Avast AntiTrack helps us regain privacy on the web

Once we run the program, its welcome screen appears where it informs us that we can use the free trial to block online trackers or subscribe to block them permanently. In the following screens a brief tutorial will appear on how the application helps us with network protection and invites us to install the extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Once the presentations are finished, its main menu appears with an attractive interface and completely in Spanish, although perhaps too loaded with options, which can overwhelm many users. In the left column is the Privacy Status where we can see the Browsers, System Privacy, My Tracks and Reports.

Privacy Status

Currently the screen shows us the Privacy Status, where it shows us the level of our privacy and a very large green button to «Improve the level of privacy». When clicking on it, the Reports section appears directly, where we can see a list of blocked tracking attempts, as well as the Tracking History. From here we can activate or deactivate different privacy measures. It also informs us of the protected browsers, as well as the entry of lists of allowed cookies.

Avast AntiTrack privacy status


From the “Browsers” section we can improve their privacy. Here we can activate or deactivate the browser protection to protect our identity and our personal data when browsing the web. A list appears with all the browsers that we have installed. Just click on the buttons on the right to activate (green) or deactivate (red) the fingerprint protection when we use them.

Avast AntiTrack browsers

My traces

In the “My traces” section we can erase all our traces and stop the advertisements directed towards us such as cookies and other files that are dedicated to tracking all our online movements. The program recommends that we erase our data on a regular basis to stop the ads and be protected. In the Cookie Cleaning tab we can establish an automatic deletion frequency (never, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, every week, etc). On the right we can use the “Clear data” button to perform this option manually.

Avast AntiTrack my tracks

System privacy

From the Privacy tab of the system we can prevent our team leak personal information. This system prevents our operating system or third parties from following the activity of our device. It also prevents third parties from accessing our personal files, such as photos and videos. In addition, it prevents hackers from taking control of our equipment. Just click on Start to activate it.

Avast AntiTrack system privacy


Finally, in the “Reports” section we can see a complete list of blocked tracking attempts, changes made to our fingerprint or the level of privacy. In the event that we want to erase all the change history of our fingerprint, click on the button «Delete fingerprint change history» at the bottom of the screen.

Avast AntiTrack report tracking

Download Avast AntiTrack

If we want to use Avast AntiTrack to protect our privacy on the Internet, we will have to acquire its license. But before, we can try it free for 30 days downloading a fully functional trial version from their website. The application is compatible with both Windows computers, macOS and Android phones. Once the trial period is over we will have to pay 49.99 euros per year to continue using on a device. Or we can also choose to pay 59.99 euros per year and be able to enjoy its advantages from 10 different devices.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Windows 10 except Mobile and IoT Core Edition (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8 / 8.1 except RT and Starter Edition (32 or 64 bit) or Windows 7 SP1 or later in any edition (32 or 64 bit)
  • Fully Windows compatible PC with Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or higher (must support SSE2 instructions)
  • 512 MB of RAM or more.
  • 300 MB of free hard disk space.

Alternatives to Avast AntiTrack

If we are concerned about our privacy when browsing the net, we will tell you some alternatives to Avast AntiTrack that you should know:

AVG AntiTrack

It is a privacy application designed to keep our identity protected against the latest online monitoring techniques, as well as to ensure the privacy of the system. This program is responsible for introducing false information about the data that make up our fingerprint. It also clears tracking cookies and browsing data from browsers. We can download a trial version from this link.

Tor Browser

When it comes to privacy, security, and anonymity on the web, a must-have program is Tod Browser, the official web browser designed to navigate the Tor network. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux or Android systems. To use it we only need to access its website and download it for free.